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Wangi Workers Camera Club is based at the Wangi Workers Club on the shores of Lake Macquarie at Wangi Wangi NSW

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Go to the about our club page for information on our club and what we do.

We belong to the Northern Photographic Federation

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Girt by Sea Exhibition

Denis Glennon and Tony Hewitt circumnavigated our island continent in a light aircraft, to experience and bring new meaning to those three words. It’s a photographic odyssey that taps into an ongoing curiosity with our vibrant coastline.

This stunning exhibition consists of 100 aerial images of the Australian coastline, captured and reproduced in rich detail.

Location: Paddington Town Hall, 249 Oxford Street Paddington, NSW 2021
Dates: Saturday 16 June – Wednesday 27 June
Time: Daily 10am-6pm
Entry: Free Admission

Train to Central,  then one bus to the venue, Right to the front door.

A visit to this and our night with Meike Boynton – A landscape photographer’s dream!

NPF and Lightroom

A couple of items:

The closing date for NPF entries is the 30th June but you can bring your entries along to the tutorial night on the 25th June.

Following a committee meeting on club training the club will be starting tutorials on lightroom and we are keen to know who would be interested in learning the fundamentals. There will be an expression of interest sheet at the next tutorial where you can put your name down.

June Newsletter

The June Newsletter is now on the website in its new location under the club info button  which is labled “All Club information, rules and training links”.  This  can be reached via the members button on the home page. Colin has requested we migrate all our documents to this new location and remove the menu bar as this is not compatible with mobile devices which is where a lot of the access is coming from these days. I have moved all the club documentation to this site and next week will remove it from the menu bar. The one exception is I have created a button on the front page for the calendar to make this one quicker to access. Here is a short cut link to the June Newsletter


Change of date for AGM, now 23 July

Our AGM is typically held on the tutorial night in June but since we have an excellent speaker on Landscape photography coming that night the Committee has agreed to move the AGM to the July tutorial night, ie 23 July.  We’ll be sending out the agenda, nomination forms, and items to discuss in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, please think about nominating to join the Committee, and whether you would like to raise anything at the AGM.

More soon…

Barangaroo and the Rocks Social Photography Outing

Friday 6th July

Meet at Morisset Station 8.10am(or be on the train from earlier station) to depart at 8.20am at Morisset Station.

We will be exploring the city from Wynyard Walk to Barangaroo and then on to some of the Rocks. (No tripods and keep camera gear simple!)

This is a good opportunity to practise some street photography and to take some architecture shots.

I will provide map and details of walk to those going and some tips on street photography.                                            

Wangi CC Images Chosen for APS Cup

Below are the images  selected from Wangi Camera Club  re the APS Cup which  is being judged shortly.

According to our database, these are your entry details.

2018 The Australian Cup for Photographic Clubs

Entry summary for

Wangi Workers Camera Club

A Kill for the Family Katherine and Henry
A Little Bit Dry Leave Me Alone
Australian Grebe Lights Galore
Australian Pygmy Possum Magnolia
Boab Sunrise Misty Morning
Eagle Tucker Morning Light
Easter is Coming Ouch
Egg Rescue Pipe Smoker
Jacana Triangle Sweet Music
Kakadu Burning The Runaway