Our club is based at the Wangi Workers Club at Wangi Wangi NSW

We meet at the Wangi Workers’ Club in the Dobell Room at 7.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Use the green About Us button for information on our club and what we do.


The 2nd Monday of the month is our competition night.

  • Our Competition Program is available from our website.
  • There are 3 grades, Advanced, A and B. B Grade is usually for beginner photographers.
  • We have photos presented both in print form as well as Digital (EDI) option. (EDI – Electronic Data Images)
  • Both Digital and Print contests require you to enter online on this website and include a digital copy of each entry. This will be displayed in an image gallery on the website
  •  All photographs are displayed and critiqued by the judge on the night. Most judges provide very beneficial feedback, from which we all learn
  • At the end of the year we run our “Photo of the Year”competition (POTY). The photos entered in this competition must be photographs that have been entered in competitions throughout the year.

The 4th Monday of the month is our tutorial night.

  • We have had many and varied tutorials and continue to do so every month.
  • Suggestions from members as to what tutorials they would like to have are very welcome.

Visitors are always welcome to come along however visitors cannot enter any competitions until they become a member of the club. Follow the link under About us for info on joining.

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Last Call for PSA Interclub Entries

The four Interclub Comps close off at midnight tomorrow week, Sunday 5th April at midnight. Please use the time you have now to go through your images and go online and look at each of the four Interclub Comps under the usual Members Button and if you have existing entries, remove ones you don’t want and add any new ones. The size is the same as the club so you can upload anything you have entered in club comps or any other comps run by MyPhotoClub. They are all there on our website. If you have images previously selected for the Interclub and you are not sure which ones, please ask me as I keep a master record of all our entries and results so far.

This is the final round for this year and we are on top of our group in three of the four sections and it would be great if we can maintain our position.

I look forward to seeing your fabulous images and thanks for your participation.

Ian English PSA Interclub Coordinator ianenglish999@gmail.com 0411136571

by Ian English, March 28, 2020 Share:

Town Hall Club meeting

How the world has changed! Less than 3 weeks ago we had our last face to face comp night, and now all our comps must be digital.

The Committee is working on ways to meet in the virtual world. We’ve successfully trialed an online meeting platform where we can see each other, talk, and share images and tutorials. 

We plan to use it to hold a virtual Town Hall meeting for the whole club in week or so… watch this space for the date. We want to keep the momentum going and would like explain the interaction possibilities and hear your ideas. And there are a lots of possibilities 

We have chosen software called Zoom to run this and other meetings. Accessing it is easy and free, and you don’t need to register for anything. But you do need to download some software. We’ll help you with that. 

Click on this link to the Zoom download centre. Your Mac or PC gives best resolution for sharing images (download Zoom Client for Meetings, first entry), but you can also use a phone or tablet (see links to App Store and Google Play, fourth entry).

Please call or email Susan for any help in getting the software or setting it up. In particular we would like members of the LMIG to join this platform as Ian will use it to run his usual review meetings.

Hope to “see” you soon

by Susan Hansell, March 28, 2020 Share:

Adam Williams

Adam is doing a daily Photoshop tutorial on you tube. You can also access on Facebook.

by Colleen Price, March 27, 2020 Share:

Free Courses

Professional Photographers of America is offering free access to its 1,100+ classes amidst COVID-19 quarantines: Digital Photography Review


by Colleen Price, March 27, 2020 Share:


Due to many of us having a lot of extra free time at present … of course not our members working in essential services who are probably busier than ever and very much appreciated….
we made the decision to bring forward the drawing of our May Mystery subject.
We thought that working on this could be a welcome distraction from all the news.

In case you’re wondering how the draw was done….The suggestions were all each written on a seperate piece of paper. (Unfortunately some of our fantastic suggestions had to be removed as they weren’t subjects that would be possible to do from the confines of our own houses).
The pieces of paper were folded and put in a hat. The draw was then done by Vaughn with our son as a witness.

And the winner is …

(This may or may not include your window in the photo. It’s simply a photo of what you can see from one of your windows.
Yes, I understand that some of us may have beautiful water views from our windows and others may think their view is a bit more ordinary. But we’ve all got great creative skills… now is the time to turn what we may think is ordinary into the extraordinary).

I had a look for sample images of “From My Window” and decided that I wouldn’t give examples as you can always Google and find these yourselves… BUT there was one I couldn’t resist sharing and it is posted below.

We now have until Saturday the 2nd of May to take our photos and upload them.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The images for this competition MUST be taken between today (26th March) and Saturday 2nd May.
If you aren’t able to complete this in this time frame you still have the Colour and Mono competitions to enter which have no restrictions as to when they were taken.

(At this stage I am working on the assumption that this will also be a digital (EDI) only competition. If this changes that’ll be fantastic, but as we all know we have cancelled all our meetings for the foreseeable future).

I will send out another reminder post after we have completed our April competition.

Good luck to everyone and if anyone needs any more information you can email me on suewinsley@iinet.net.au or ring me on 0417677438

Cheers, Sue Winsley (Competition Steward).

by Sue Winsley, March 26, 2020 Share:

April Competition

Hi Everyone, wow… hasn’t the world changed in the last couple of days.

Hopefully all our members will stay safe and well!

As you all know our April competition is EDI only.

Our digital uploads close on Saturday 4th April at 11pm
Please Note: I do acknowledge that some members had requested that we change the closing date to a later date to allow extra time for getting their entries in. If we had done this it would have given our judge less time to do the judging and as he’ll now probably have twice as many digital entries to judge, I’m sure you can all appreciate that we didn’t want to put any extra pressure on him.

Our set subject for April is “Hands”. 
Definition for this set subject is as follows:
The focus must be on the hands. The hands must be doing something . eg: craft or other activity or showing emotion in some way.
At the end of this post are some sample “Hands” images. Please keep in mind these are just samples, to whet your appetite, of the possible types of images that might be included. I’m sure our very creative members will come up with all sorts of ideas.

Of course we also have our other usual categories of “Colour” & “Mono”.

Please remember that we are able to enter 4 images in TOTAL.

Our Judge for April is Chris Prior. Chris has judged for us in the past. Below is a bit of information about Chris:
* Chris has been interested in photography for 35 years & started out developing  & printing B&W film in his home made darkroom.
* He is a member of APS, Belmont 16’s – ( serving as president for 2 years).
* He regularly enters International photography competitions & has won one gold medal, two bronze & one highly commended awards.
* His favourite photo subject is surfing & so subsequently has had hundreds of photos published in surfing magazines, such as Tracks, Surfing Life, Waves, Surfing Snaps, People magazine, Kodak’s – My Australia & many others.
* His motto is:- ‘If it moves I shoot it, if it doesn’t I shoot it too.’

Good luck to everyone and if anyone needs any more information you can email me on suewinsley@iinet.net.au or ring me on 0417677438

Cheers, Sue Winsley (Competition Steward).

by Sue Winsley, March 25, 2020 Share:


Tonight’s presentation by Michelle Kennedy is, unfortunately, cancelled due to current social restrictions. Remember you can still enter next months competition ONLINE! Good luck everyone!

Please stay safe and stay well! Hope to see you all soon. 😊

by Toni Conquest, March 23, 2020 Share:

April Prints

Ignore the message about prints closing soon as there is no print section for April; This message is automatically generated. I have set the prints to close on the 18th to allow those who have already put prints in to move them to EDI.

by David Whyte, March 17, 2020 Share:

Competitions in April – Print are closing soon!

Competitions in April – Print will close Wednesday, 18th March 2020, 8:09 PM.

Entries can be made in the following areas:

  • A Grade Open Colour Large Print
  • A Grade Open Mono Large Print
  • A Grade SetSubject Large Print
  • B Grade Open Colour Large Print
  • B Grade Open Mono Large Print
  • B Grade SetSubject Large Print
  • Advanced Open Colour Large Print
  • Advanced Open Mono Large Print
  • Advanced SetSubject Large Print

All members are encouraged to enter.

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April competition will be digital only

Given the current health warnings, the Committee has chosen not to hold a club meeting on Monday 13 April.  We will still run the digital competition, but our print competition will be cancelled.  Deadline for digital entries will be 4 April as normal, and feedback will be provided on line.

If you have already entered an image for the print competition we will be in touch to change it to digital or you may prefer to save it for a later print comp. 

We recognise this is disappointing as our comp nights are lively and a lot of fun.  Any questions re the Committee decision please contact Susan Hansell or a Committee member.  For questions about the April digital comp please contact Sue Winsley.

Please watch this site for more announcements.

by Susan Hansell, March 16, 2020 Share: