Our club is based at the Wangi Workers Club at Wangi Wangi NSW

We meet at the Wangi Workers’ Club in the Auditorium at 7.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. We also have a Portfolio Group meeting on 1st Monday of the month.

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Use the green About Us button for information on our club and what we do.

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The 2nd Monday of the month is our competition night.

  • Our Competition Program is available from our website.
  • There are 3 grades, Advanced, A and B. B Grade is usually for beginner photographers.
  • We have photos presented both in print form as well as Digital (EDI) option. (EDI – Electronic Data Images)
  • Both Digital and Print contests require you to enter online on this website and include a digital copy of each entry. This will be displayed in an image gallery on the website
  •  All photographs are displayed and critiqued by the judge on the night. Most judges provide very beneficial feedback, from which we all learn
  • At the end of the year we run our “Photo of the Year”competition (POTY). The photos entered in this competition must be photographs that have been entered in competitions throughout the year.

The 4th Monday of the month is our tutorial night.

  • We have had many and varied tutorials and continue to do so every month.
  • Suggestions from members as to what tutorials they would like to have are very welcome.

Visitors are always welcome to come along however visitors cannot enter any competitions until they become a member of the club. Follow the link under About us for info on joining.

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Colin Harrison’s Tutorial Notes – Creative Editing

Colin Harrison’s notes on Creative Editing are now available on the website under Club Rules & Documents button or directly on this link https://wangi.myphotoclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/65/2021/08/ColinHarrison_Tutorial20210823.pdf

by David Price, August 27, 2021

Set Subjects for 2022

Hi Everyone,

2022 might seem a long time away, but we need to start thinking about our set subjects for our 2022 competition.

In the past we have reached out to our members to give us ideas of set subjects that would appeal to them.
Once again we’re asking for your input into set subjects that you’d like to see included.

Please send your suggestions to me at suewinsley@iinet.net.au

It would be great if you could get your suggestions to me by the end of August.
Also, if you have a definition in mind for your suggestion that would also be terrific.

I hope everyone will put on their thinking caps and I’ll look forward to receiving all your suggestions.

by Sue Winsley, August 23, 2021

Colin Harrison. Tutorial Monday 23rd August

A correction for Monday nights tutorial, Colin Harrison will be presenting his “Digital Adventure Zoom talk” NOT His Creative Flower Photography. Sorry about the error. Please see the previous description for information on tomorrow night presentation.

Cheers Toni.

by Toni Conquest, August 22, 2021

Monday 23rd August Tutorial

Keep an eye out for the link for our August tutorial, the link will be sent out this weekend. Colin Harrison from the UK will be presenting his “Creative Flower Photography” This is a follow on from his presentation earlier this year. Some information from Colin follows.

New Digital Adventure Zoom talk
I will also provide notes on my talk.

After decades of earning distinctions and awards in national and international salons I decided to put together a couple of talks to showcase my eclectic work. I am trying to show these talks in as many countries as possible – bookings now in 15 countries. At the same time raising money for Macmillan cancer care nurses in the UK and cancer charities abroad.

I enjoy panelling my images and have sat on distinctions panels and helped organise advisory days for the PAGB and the RPS.

I have judged many National and International salons and have enjoyed judging for camera clubs in Australia, Norway, Turkey and the USA. I set up and ran the Cheltenham International Salon for a number of years.

My Digital Adventure talk will show the creative side of my photography.
This is a light-hearted, fast flowing talk and I will pass on some of my digital “secrets” and my enthusiasm for photography.

The talk will cover many sections including:

  • Images used in the International Federation of Photographic Art
    (FIAP) Diamond 3 Distinction.
  • Sections you can enter in International Salons.
  • “Believe it or not” which will really make you think.
  • How to replace a sky on an image.
  • Using lesser known software.
  • Golden Oldies, with some of my older award winning UK images.
  • Photographic Society of America (PSA) Gold and Silver Distinction Panels (and showing how they were produced)

For more images please visit my website www.colinharrisonphotography.uk

I’m expecting to see lots of our members for this great presentation! Cheers Toni.

by Toni Conquest, August 17, 2021


The August edition of HOCUS FOCUS is now available on the web site under the NEWSLETTERS Button or directly on this link


by David Price, August 17, 2021

Hi Everyone,

What an awesome meeting we had over zoom last night for our August Comp night.

It was great to have our newest member Wendy along on zoom with us. Welcome to our club Wendy!

It was so fantastic to have our judge Mick Lynch along to deliver his own comments. And what great comments they were. I’m sure we’ll all agree that Mick went far beyond what we expect from a judge and gave us well thought out and useful critiques of our images.
Thanks so much to Mick for all his effort.

Mick previously put together a very handy document that tells us exactly what he as a judge is looking for.
This document is on our website. Go to club rules and documents. Scroll down to the tutorials section. Under this look for “The role of a judge is to critique and form an opinion on each image pdf. I’m sure you’ll find this very insightful.
I have a copy pinned to my noticeboard above my computer.

We once again had some very impressive images from our members. It is always great to sit back and enjoy the images our club members produce.

Congratulations and well done to everyone.

A reminder to all our members that our September comp is coming up very fast.

Our September images are due in by 11:59pm Saturday 28th August. 

Please remember that if you miss the deadline there is nothing we can do. The images are passed onto the judge early in the morning on the day after and the competition cannot be reopened.

Please put the date in your calendar where you’ll remember.

IMPORTANT: When you enter images on the website you will be sent a confirmation email. Please check this email thoroughly and check that your images are in the correct categories and that you have entered them in the correct month. Unfortunately the website sometimes makes errors and puts images in the wrong category. If you see this error before the comp closes you can go back in and make the necessary changes. Unfortunately once the comp has closed changes can’t be made.

Our next competition night is on Monday 13th September and fingers crossed will hopefully be at the club, but we all know how quickly this can change. 

Entries will again only be digitals. 
We will project the images onto the screen at the club and I will read out the judges’s comments, unless our judge chooses to come along.  

Our set subject for September is: 
Travel– The definition for “Travel” is…..
This definition will follow the guidelines of the PSA Photo Travel definition which is as follows: 
A Photo Travel image expresses the characteristic features or culture of a land as they are found naturally. There are no geographic limitations. Images from events or activities arranged specifically for photography, or of subjects directed or hired for photography are not permitted. Close up pictures of people or objects must include features that provide information about the location.
Techniques that add, relocate, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted. The only allowable adjustments are removal of dust or digital noise, restoration of the appearance of the original scene and complete conversion to greyscale monochrome. Other derivations, including infrared, are not permitted. All images must look natural. 

As well as our set subject we will have are usual colour and mono categories.

Please remember that we can only enter 3 images each in total with no more than 2 in any category.

Our judge for September is Roy Killen.
Roy has judged for us numerous times has always done a great job of judging giving us great tips on his perspective on how to improve our images.
Many of us know Roy very well, but for those who don’t below is a bit of information about Roy.

BIO for ROY KILLEN       (31/5/19)

My main interest is nature photography. 

I have been competing in international competitions since 2008 and have received more than 5700 acceptances and more than 400 awards. Through these competitions I have gained the following photographic distinctions:

  • EFIAP (Excellence award, International Federation of Photographic Arts)
  • GMPSA (Grand Masters award, Photographic Society of America)
  • GMAPS (Grand Masters award, Australian Photographic Society)
  • APSEM (Australian Photographic Society Exhibitors Medal)

In 2015 I was awarded the Nature Medallion by the Australian Photographic  Society.

I regularly judge competitions at club, national and international levels.

I frequently present workshops for photography clubs on photographic techniques and image processing.

I am the Membership Vice President of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and I am happy to assist you with any PSA related matters.

Good luck to everyone and enjoy taking and/or finding on your hard drive some “Travel” images.

(I acknowledge that unless you’re one of the lucky ones who escaped before all the restrictions there won’t be much opportunity to take new travel images.
Hopefully you have some travel images from past trips that you can re-visit and/or re-edit.
If you can’t find any there are always our Colour and Mono categories to enter).

If you have any questions please contact me on suewinsley@iinet.net.au

Cheers, Sue Winsley (Competition Steward).

by Sue Winsley, August 10, 2021

Results for competitions in August – Digital 2021

There were 22 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in August – Digital 2021

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Grey nurse shark
Chris Latham – Merit-Judges-Choice
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Bygone Days
Ian Nunn – Merit-Judges-Choice
A Grade Open Mono Digital

Old coal loader Catherine hill Bay
Chris Latham – Merit-Judges-Choice
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Camel Holiday
Frank Bleechmore – Merit-Judges-Choice
B Grade Open Colour Digital

Shearers Quarters
Frank Bleechmore – Merit-Judges-Choice
B Grade Open Mono Digital

Dog Fence
Frank Bleechmore – Merit-Judges-Choice
B Grade SetSubject Digital

Mike Fidler – Merit-Judges-Choice
Advanced Open Colour Digital

Mike Fidler – Merit-Judges-Choice
Advanced Open Mono Digital

Lake Nuga Nuga Fence
Ian English – Merit-Judges-Choice
Advanced SetSubject Digital

Delicate Work
Elisabeth Fidler – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Young Monks Myanmar
Elisabeth Fidler – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Reflections in the Kimberly
Bob Carey – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Wedgetail Eagle Family
Toni Conquest – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Red eyes
Tanya Heather – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Robert Kildey – Merit
A Grade Open Mono Digital

Ken Linsley – Merit
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Dog Fence
Janet Payne – Merit
A Grade SetSubject Digital

Mike Fidler – Merit
Advanced Open Colour Digital

Small bug for Bubs
Brad Le Brocque – Merit
Advanced Open Colour Digital

Ian English – Merit
Advanced Open Mono Digital

Seen Better Days
Sue Winsley – Merit
Advanced SetSubject Digital

Don’t fence me in
Megan Willis – Merit
Advanced SetSubject Digital

by Sue Winsley, August 9, 2021

Lockdown requires us to revert to Zoom for Comp Night Monday

Please join us on Zoom for Competition night Monday 9th. Stay safe and healthy

by Colleen Price, August 5, 2021

Portfolio group postponed

We won’t be meeting Monday night for portfolio group.

We do hope to go to club for competition night on Monday 9th August. We can still meet for dinner.

COVID-19 restrictions in place at club.

by Colleen Price, August 1, 2021

Congratulations! Let’s keep going.

While we are on a high with our magnificent win in The APS Australian Cup last night, let’s get some images uploaded on our competition page for the PSA interclub competitions. Remember any image that has not been included in past comps can be uploaded (you can change these throughout the year) Check with Ian English if not sure which of your images have been used. Please support all our members by contributing some of your best images.

Thanks to Dianne for her work in choosing our award winning images for APS Cup

by Colleen Price, July 31, 2021