Our club is based at the Wangi Workers Club at Wangi Wangi NSW

We meet at the Wangi Workers’ Club in the Auditorium at 7.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. We also have a Portfolio Group meeting on 1st Monday of the month.

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Use the green About Us button for information on our club and what we do.

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The 2nd Monday of the month is our competition night.

  • Our Competition Program is available from our website.
  • There are 3 grades, Advanced, A and B. B Grade is usually for beginner photographers.
  • We have photos presented both in print form as well as Digital (EDI) option. (EDI – Electronic Data Images)
  • Both Digital and Print contests require you to enter online on this website and include a digital copy of each entry. This will be displayed in an image gallery on the website
  •  All photographs are displayed and critiqued by the judge on the night. Most judges provide very beneficial feedback, from which we all learn
  • At the end of the year we run our “Photo of the Year”competition (POTY). The photos entered in this competition must be photographs that have been entered in competitions throughout the year.

The 4th Monday of the month is our tutorial night.

  • We have had many and varied tutorials and continue to do so every month.
  • Suggestions from members as to what tutorials they would like to have are very welcome.

Visitors are always welcome to come along however visitors cannot enter any competitions until they become a member of the club. Follow the link under About us for info on joining.

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Individual FCC Interclub 2021 Scores

Here is the link for the scores of all of our entries.


by Dianne English, November 28, 2021

Christmas Party Numbers

I need final numbers. At the moment we are at 29 but really need minimum of 30 to attend for table service. Please email me at pricecolleen54@gmail.com if can make it on Monday 13th Dec . Dinner served at 7pm.

Pay Wangi Camera Club $28

BSB 650000 Ac 526472301

by Colleen Price, November 22, 2021



Wangi Workers Camera Club has done it again !!

Monochrome 1st Place 118 points

Creative 1st Place 109

Australian landscape/seascape 1st Place 115

Colour 3rd Place 109

Nature 5th Place 102

Of the 23 clubs that entered we received the most points and Wangi is the overall point score winner for the FCC Interclub 2021 with 547 points !

Well done to all those whose images were selected for entry, selected entries were displayed earlier on the website.

Roll on 2022 !!

by Dianne English, November 21, 2021

Competition Information

As we’re all aware we needed to make some changes to the structuring of our grades in readiness for our 2022 competition.

The reason for this was the dwindling numbers in B grade which could have left us with only 2 members who regularly enter.

All members were surveyed to try and work out the best way to move forward. We got excellent responses from a huge majority of our members with some very insightful comments.

We took a democratic approach when deciding the final outcome and looked at what the majority of our members had voted for.

The final result is that we have maintained the 3 grades. We have replaced B Grade with Open Grade.
Members were asked if they wished to stay in A grade or move to Open Grade. We had enough members who were quite happy to move to Open Grade that now our problem with numbers across the grades is solved. These changes have been made on the website so that members can start entering for 2022 in the appropriate grade.

Three members moved from A Grade to Advanced. Congratulations to Toni Conquest, Ian Nunn and Tanya Heather.

Frank Bleechmore has moved from B Grade to A Grade. Congratulations to Frank.

Congratulations to all our point score winners and runners up and to all our POTY winners and runners up too.
I hope you’ll all be at the Christmas Party to receive your awards.

Congratulations to all our members. We really are an awesome club.

Won’t it be fabulous to be able to have our meetings in person again.

We are feeling very confident that we can get back to normal for 2022 and offer both digital and print choices for our competition entries.

We will continue to have our 3 sections monthly. (Colour, Mono and Set Subject).  In all 3 sections there will be both EDI and prints as per our pre-Covid competitions.

David Price has already set up the competitions for 2022 for both print and digital for the first 4 months. Members can start entering now.

Everyone should have received the competition calendar for 2022. Please let me know if you haven’t received it and I’ll email you another one.

Please remember that the EDI (digital) section will close two weeks before the competition night (At 11:59 pm on the Saturday 2 weeks prior to the competition).
We are used to doing this so it shouldn’t be a problem to remember. (Unfortunately, this means that the closing date for our January competition is Christmas Day… but we’ll just have to get organised ahead of time).

The prints sections will close 2 days before competition night (At 11:59 pm on the Saturday before the competition). 
We will then bring our prints with us on the night and need to have them on the stands by 6:30.

We will still only be allowed to put in 2 entries per section (Colour, Mono or Set Subject) per member, but we could choose 2 prints or 2 EDI’s or 1 Print and 1 EDI per section.
Remember, print and digital for each section is 1 category for the purposes of entering.

There will still be an overall maximum of 3 entries per member.

Some members have expressed that they would like the option to enter more than 3 images per month but at this stage we will be staying with 3 images per month per member.
The main reasons for this are due to:
We have no control over if members choose prints or digital. If members choose mostly digital we will have too many images to expect the judge to judge online considering they will also be coming along to the club on club night. If members choose mostly prints we will have a problem with not having enough stands to display all the images. We’re also on a time limit at the club and don’t want our judges to have to rush through to get all the judging completed in the allocated time.
I’m sure we can all agree that it will be much better to have quality judging of less entries rather than rushed judging of a lot of entries.

Don’t forget to check our rules document on the website for more information and don’t hesitate to ask if anything isn’t clear.

Have fun getting your 2022 images ready. 

by Sue Winsley, November 21, 2021

Tutorial Monday 22 Nov (on Zoom)

Last month Bill Chambers gave us a fascinating insight into the world of macro photography beyond 1:1 and if you missed it the recording will still be available for a few days.

This month Bill will talk to us about making images with soap bubbles (I haven’t seen Bill’s examples but I know the technique can produce incredible effects).

This will be followed by a presentation on making “Refract/Reflection” images (without a lens!) … Bill will also cover “Cleaning your Sensor” (since we are playing with cameras without a lens in place….

Bill is well known for experimenting with unusual photographic techniques so please join us for what should be another fascination exploration.

Zoom link will be sent on Sunday.

by Susan Hansell, November 17, 2021

Christmas Party and Awards Night

Monday 13th December 6pm in the Auditorium for 7pm Dinner

Come along and enjoy catching up with everyone after a difficult 2 years (Partners welcome). Each member buys their own drinks from the bar. Dinner: Rainbow roast with turkey, ham, beef; baked and seasonal vegetables; cranberry and apple sauce. Dessert: Christmas pudding with custard or Pavlova with Passionfruit GF. Tea and coffee included. Cost $28/person. (Pay direct deposit to our account Include your name)

BSB 650 000 : AC 526472301 : Wangi Camera Club

Vegetarian meal available. (You need to let me know your dietary requirements)

 Please email your name and partner’s name and any special dietary request by 22nd Nov. pricecolleen54@gmail.com

by Colleen Price, November 16, 2021

FCC Interclub Presentation

Please join us this Sunday, 21st November, at 2pm for the live online presentation of results. Use the link below to register for the Event.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

by Colleen Price, November 15, 2021


HOCUS FOCUS – NOVEMBER 2021 is now available on the web site via the NEWSLETTERS Button or directly by this link: – https://wangi.myphotoclub.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/65/2021/11/HOCUS-FOCUS-NOVEMBER-2021.pdf

by David Price, November 12, 2021

POTY 2021

What are great night we had at POTY 2021 last night.

It was fantastic to have so many of our members along.

It was fabulous to have our judge David Spratt come along with his son Anthony. He did a great job and gave us some excellent ideas for improving our images.

You will have already received an email (actually 2… not sure what happened there) telling you the winners of each category and showing the winning images for each category.
How the judging was done was the judge gave a merit and a credit in each category. The credit was the runner up and the merit was the category winner.
Then the judge looked at the 3 merits in each grade and chose an overall winner for each grade.

Congratulations to:
B grade Colour: Winner Vaughn Winsley and Runner Up Dale Golby
A Grade Colour: Winner Brian Halse and Runner Up Robert Kildey
Advanced Colour: Winner Susan Hansell and Runner Up Dianne English

B Grade Mono: Winner Dale Golby and Runner Up Dale Golby
A Grade Mono: Winner Ian Nunn and Runner Up Rene Schipper
Advanced Mono: Winner Megan Willis and Runner Up Michael Martin

A Grade Nature: Winner Lee-and Hattander and Runner Up Marie Kildey
Advanced Nature: Winner Brad Le Baroque and Runner Up Megan Willis

A Very Big Congratulations to our Overall POTY 2021 Winners:

B Grade: Vaughn Winsley with his Image titled “Lone Sailor”

A Grade: Brian Halse with his Image “Passing Storm”

Advanced Grade: Brad Le Baroque with his Image “Wasp with Mudball-W”

Awards will be given at our Christmas Party and awards night.

January 2022’s competition is now open for our members who are ready to start entering their images for 2022.

For 2022 we are back to print (fingers crossed this doesn’t have to change again) and digital entries.
Digital entries are due in on the Saturday night 2 weeks prior to the competition and print entries need to be uploaded on the Saturday night before the competition night and then brought along to the meeting 30 minutes before we commence.
Each member can enter a TOTAL of 3 entries. Your entries can be all print, or all digital or a combination of both.

Each member should have received a copy of the competition calendar by email. If you haven’t received one please let me know.

If there are any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me:

suewinsley@iinet.net.au or 0417677438

Thanks again to all our members for making our club such a a great club. Looking forward to another great year in 2022.

by Sue Winsley, November 9, 2021

Results for competitions in November POTY 2021

There were 8 entries that gained our highest award(s).

Members can view all images and comment on them by following this link
View / Comment entries in November POTY 2021

click here to see a pdf catalog of all competition results

Passing storm
Brian Halse – Merit
A Grade Open Colour Digital

Safe Boating
Ian Nunn – Merit
A Grade Open Mono Digital

Spider with Cicada
Lee-ann Hattander – Merit
A Grade Nature Digital

Lone Sailor
Vaughn Winsley – Merit
B Grade Open Colour Digital

Dale Golby – Merit
B Grade Open Mono Digital

No 1 Power Paddler
Susan Hansell – Merit
Advanced Open Colour Digital

That’s swell
Megan Willis – Merit
Advanced Open Mono Digital

Wasp with mudball
Brad Le Brocque – Merit
Advanced Nature Digital

by Sue Winsley, November 9, 2021