Hi Everyone,

Last week everyone should have received an email setting out some possible suggestions for solving the problem of our dwindling numbers in B Grade.
In this email a voting form was attached for everyone to select the solution they thought would be best, plus room for your thoughts in the comments section.

The response so far has been fantastic. We have had more than half our members respond and provide very valid comments as to what changes they would like to see.
It is so good to have all our members involved in finding the best solution to make these changes. These aren’t decisions that the committee want to make without knowing the wishes of our members.

Thank you very much to everyone who has already replied.

If you haven’t yet replied it would be great if you could find some time in the next few days to let us know your voting preferences and any comments you’d like to make.

If you, for any reason can’t send back the voting form that’s fine. Instead just send me an email with what your vote would be for out of the options provided and any comments you’d like to make.

If you would like me to re-send the email, please let me know. Send me an email to suewinsley@iinet.net.au

Once again, thank you very much for providing your input.