We’re planning an informal walk and photo shoot in Newcastle on Tuesday 13 July.  Central Newcastle is generally flat and has lots of places along the waterfront, with parks, heritage buildings and architecture, jetties, big/small boats, beach, rock platforms and ocean baths, even the odd dolphin or seal. And plenty of places for a coffee or lunch. Here are some ideas

Part of taking a great photo is planning for it and that takes more than just camera settings.  By all means bring your camera, but I’m thinking of using the walk as a scouting exercise to discover interesting places where I can come back later, and take my time when eg the light is best.  

And for those of you working on portfolios we can help sound out your ideas and keep an eye out for opportunities.  Bring your notebook.

If you’re interested please let Susan know and we’ll plan a route depending on what the group would like to achieve. We’ll aim to assemble at the car park at Nobby’s Beach (its free) at around 10am.

PS, I’m looking to do a portfolio based on long exposure techniques using neutral density filters so if that’s not a familiar technique and you would like to have a go, bring a spare SD card.