Well our entries have been selected by nine of our Advanced members and the entries have been submitted to the competitions.


Autumn Gold Megan Willis Birds on a Wire 1 Bettina Damme Hot Shoe Dianne English I Love Dandelions David Price Whooo David Hansell Will and Missy Ian English


A Shower of Daisies David Hansell Buddy in a Teacup Sue Winsley Climate Change Ian English Secret River Dianne English Space Oddity Bettina Damme Where is my future Colleen Price


Can I Escape Colleen Price Double Drummer Cicada Ian English Eye Balling Mike Fidler Mum and Bub Corella Bettina Damme Scuffy Andrew Gardyne Sharing is Caring Dianne English


Central Havana Colour Ian English From the Balcony Dianne English Marrakech Market David Price Rice Paddy at Dawn Elisabeth Fidler Sharing Colleen Price The local markets David Whyte

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