We again have done well in Creative but mixed results in the others.

In Nature the judging club was from Beijing and you will see that Mike Martin’s image was scored 3 with the note “Cultivated Plant”. I was very annoyed at this as I was sitting in the boat on Yellow Water Billabong in Kakadu NP beside Mike when he took it. I have written to the interclub coordinator and nature Div Director expressing my disappointment and annoyance and also asked that the judging club be sent my email. Unfortunately it is after the fact and cannot be changed now. We all know about judges interpretations !!

In the Travel, I made a mistake and submitted John and Janet Payne’s images both under Janet’s name. Apologies for that, first mistake in three years so a lesson for me to triple check.

Congrats to the all the award winners coming from both Advanced and A grades.

Nature Round 1


Photo Travel – unfortunately they dq’d janet’s image which was correct and kept John’s with the wrong name. I can do a makeup in the next round so we can catch up points.