This is the post from Dec 27. Thank you to all who have uploaded new images so far. I am able to go into the website and enter any image you have used on the MyPhotoClub platform – Club, FCC, APS etc but I need your permission to do so. There are some fabulous images from our members which would do very well and help maintain our club’s current high standing. Please email me if you would prefer me to select your images to enter or please get online and enter what you would like. There is just over two weeks until the entries close and we judge to select our entries for the next round.

I have created Competitions for the four PSA Interclub divisions we are competing in.  Entries close on Monday 3rd Feb at 11.00pm. Go to the members area and then competitions and click on the 2020 button to see these upload buttons.

I have left in all of the entries which were not selected for the previous round. I have also increased the number of entries we are able to put in for our club judging to three entries per person. We can still only select one entry from each of six different members. When you enter new images, you can view the entries which have been left in from the previous round and remove them if you wish.

Let’s keep up the momentum we have established and enter our best images for selection.

Happy Snapping New Year to you all. Ian English 0411136571