I have created four new competitions for PSA Interclub.

The four divisions are – Open, Nature, Creative and Travel.

We did not enter Open previously and it includes Colour and Monochrome with no restrictions on editing etc.

These are all open for uploads now and all close on the same day Sunday 3rd November at 11pm. Each member can submit two images in each division. The images are the same size as our club entries and can be selected from existing club images or can be new images not previously used for club comps. Scroll to the bottom of the competitions page on the club website to find the PSA competitions.

You cannot use an image which was selected previously for the PSA Interclubs. There were only six images selected for each round. If you entered it previously and it was not one of the six images selected, you can re-enter the same image. I have a list of images submitted previously so if you are not sure, drop me a line.

If you are a member of Belmont as well as Wangi, you can only enter for one club so at this point you must select which club and this will apply for the next three rounds on the Interclub Comp.

Please go through your images and enter all divisions if you can. You can change an image later before the closing date as with our club comps.

I would like ALL members to contribute and if you’re unsure if your image meets the requirements, please ask for feedback. This is a great opportunity to extend your photography.

Ian English Coordinator PSA Interclub ianenglish999@gmail.com 0411136571