The Photographic Society of America (PSA) Interclub Competitions


The Wangi Camera club has just become a club member of PSA with the specific purpose of entering the international interclub competitions run by PSA during the year.


Our PSA Membership details are


Wangi Workers Camera Club
MEMBER ID: 993439
01/09/2019 – 9 Jan 2019
City: Kilaben Bay, State/Province: NSW, Country: AUSTRALIA


We are the second club in our area after Belmont 16s to join PSA.


I have undertaken the responsibility of being the coordinator for our club and am excited that this will provide a great opportunity for members to enter their images against other clubs from all over the world at no cost to the entrant.


There are five interclub digital divisions and I am registering for all of these.


Open                                  (Four rounds per year)

Creative                             (Three rounds per year)

Nature                               (Three rounds per year)

Photojournalism               (Four rounds per year)

Photo Travel                     (Three rounds per year)


We do not have to participate in all of these as we are joining mid stream so to speak, so we can enter a few to get an idea how it works and then when the PSA Interclub new year commences (usually December), we can decide to go for all of them or maybe just some.


In each round, 10% receive awards and 10% receive HM Ribbons.


We can only submit six images in each round and these can be by six members or two from one member and four from four members or any other combination as long as one member submits no more than two images.  I would like to see six members submitting in each division but if we are short of images we will allow doubles.  This is how Belmont have set up theirs.


I want to encourage as many members to participate as possible and we will work out a selection process to choose our entries and an entry box on our website to submit entries.


All members of our club might decide that they enter in one or two divisions or all if they wish but that depends on where the individual members feel their strengths lie.

I will put out a call for images with details of sizes etc when the time comes.


I have a new email address  for  PSA dealings and would like any comments, discussion and expressions of interest from members interested in taking part.

Ian English

0411 136 571

Wangi CC PSA Interclub Coordinator