Hello and welcome to the member’s recognition photo competition. 23 Members have sent in photos of themselves at a much early time and it is your job to work out which current member belongs to which photo. Some members have more than one photo entered making a total of 32 photos to ID. There will be a prize for the most correct answers.

The steps are:

  1. Log onto our myphotoclub application as normal
  2. Select the members button on the right (the same as entering an image into a comp)
  3. In the members section on the right hand side in the open collections(competitions) you will see one red box with the label “Review (closed) member recognition(32)” with a blue box beside it with a star and the label “online scoring”  click on the online scoring button
  4. When the new page comes up click on the button labelled “Open Digital” which will bring up all the photos in a random order and each photo will have a red number embedded into the photo
  5. Click on the first photo and decide who it is, give it a score of 5 which will move to the next photo. The scoring plays no part but enables you to easily go on to the next photo. You can give any score. I have listed all the current members below
  6. Once you have worked out who all the members are send an email to David Whyte (dhwhyte55@gmail.com) detailing which member belongs to which photo (Ie the number on the photo). I have allowed a week to work them out.
Ardis Emmerton
Paige Barlow
Terri Svensson
Bettina Damme
Betty Moncrieff
Brian Halse
Bob Carey
Brad Le Brocque
Bruce Baker
Chris Latham
Chris Townsend
Colleen Price
Dale Golby
David Hansell
David Price
David Vane
David Whyte
Merle Rawson
Dianne English
Michelle Frost
Glenn Moncrieff
Greg Woollett
Frank Bleechmore
Helen Adams
Helen Oliver
Ian English
Ian Nunn
Joshua Latham
Jan Whittles
Janet Payne
John Frost
John Payne
John Sharples
Joy Thomas
Kayla Mills
Karen Appleby
Ken Linsley
Kevin Stokes
Lee-ann Hattander
Marie Kildey
Matt Golby
Maxine Reid
Megan Willis
Michael Martin
Michelle Moore
Michael Brown
Mike Fidler
Elisabeth Fidler
Nathan Johnson
Penny Baker
Ross Burgess
Tanya Heather
Rachel Bradley
Ray Watts
Rene Schipper
Robert Kildey
Susan Hansell
Sharon Eaton
Sonja Dyke-Clark
Sue Winsley
Susan Shipway
Toni Conquest
Vaughn Winsley