Due to many of us having a lot of extra free time at present … of course not our members working in essential services who are probably busier than ever and very much appreciated….
we made the decision to bring forward the drawing of our May Mystery subject.
We thought that working on this could be a welcome distraction from all the news.

In case you’re wondering how the draw was done….The suggestions were all each written on a seperate piece of paper. (Unfortunately some of our fantastic suggestions had to be removed as they weren’t subjects that would be possible to do from the confines of our own houses).
The pieces of paper were folded and put in a hat. The draw was then done by Vaughn with our son as a witness.

And the winner is …

(This may or may not include your window in the photo. It’s simply a photo of what you can see from one of your windows.
Yes, I understand that some of us may have beautiful water views from our windows and others may think their view is a bit more ordinary. But we’ve all got great creative skills… now is the time to turn what we may think is ordinary into the extraordinary).

I had a look for sample images of “From My Window” and decided that I wouldn’t give examples as you can always Google and find these yourselves… BUT there was one I couldn’t resist sharing and it is posted below.

We now have until Saturday the 2nd of May to take our photos and upload them.

PLEASE REMEMBER: The images for this competition MUST be taken between today (26th March) and Saturday 2nd May.
If you aren’t able to complete this in this time frame you still have the Colour and Mono competitions to enter which have no restrictions as to when they were taken.

(At this stage I am working on the assumption that this will also be a digital (EDI) only competition. If this changes that’ll be fantastic, but as we all know we have cancelled all our meetings for the foreseeable future).

I will send out another reminder post after we have completed our April competition.

Good luck to everyone and if anyone needs any more information you can email me on suewinsley@iinet.net.au or ring me on 0417677438

Cheers, Sue Winsley (Competition Steward).