Hi All,
What great night we again had on Monday when we had our May Competition over zoom. It was really good to see so many of our members join in.
There were over 160 images and the standard was fantastic.
Congratulations to everyone.

It was unfortunate that a few of our members had their entries rejected.
The judge deemed that they be rejected on the grounds that they didn’t meet the definition of the set subject which was:
“FROM MY WINDOW“ (This may or may not include your window in the photo. It’s simply a photo of what you can see from one of your windows.)
The operative word here being “From”. The images that were rejected, although great images, had been taken outside looking in as opposed to “what can be seen from my Window”.
This decision was made by the judge.
At our meeting our president reinforced to all of us just how important it is to read the description in the definition clearly.

Our next competition night is on Monday 8th June, and unless there are some rapid changes to how we are all isolating at the moment, I anticipate that this meeting will again be over zoom.

Entries will again only be digitals and the closing date for entries will be 11pm on Saturday 30th May.

Our set subject for June is:
Abandoned – “Anything that has been dumped or neglected or isolated or left to decay”.

As well as our set subject we will have are usual colour and mono categories.

Our Judge for May is Arthur Roy. Arthur is well known to many of us. Below is a bit of information about Arthur.

  • Arthur has a string of acceptances, awards & publications. And as you will see from the following summary of his successes, he is well qualified to critique all these images before us.
  • He was first published in The International Photography 2000 magazine with a scenic image
  • SMH  2006 – Birdlife in Kakudo
  • Egret Chasing Fish was published in Ken Duncan’s Paradise Revealed, the Newcastle Herald & SMH in 2015
  • Winner of Australian Conservancy National competition 2015 & cover picture for ABCRA’s Rodeo Christmas issue 2015
  • After joining The Entrance Camera Club in 2009, Arthur has won 16 wall plaques, ( 2 from Top Shot), 26 International  & 23 National Medals
  • He also has won 3 International FIAP Blue Badges for Best Exhibitor in Belgium, India & Australia
  • 3 trophies Nationally for Best Exhibitor (2013 to 2015)
  • As well as hundreds of acceptances Nationally & Internationally.

Below are a couple of sample images to give you some ideas.

Sue Winsley (Competition Steward)