As you all know we have a big problem with very few members in B Grade. It has got to the stage that it is impracticable to continue without making changes to the number of members in each grade.

We have surveyed our members and heard back initially from the majority of our members.
The initial voting has clearly indicated that the majority of our members want to maintain 3 grades.
The job now is to work out how these 3 grades will be organised.

Last week all members got an email with another proposal for how we can readjust the numbers of members in our grades.

Thank you to everyone who has replied.
Unfortunately we have not yet had many replies to the 2nd proposal put forward.
We are trying to get all our members involved in the decision making process.
I understand there have been a lot of emails. We would have liked to do all this voting and putting your ideas forward at a face-to-face meeting, but that’s not possible at present.
If you haven’t had time to reply it would be very much appreciated if you could reply with your thoughts.

It is particularly important that we hear from all our members in B Grade and members in A Grade who are in the 2nd half of the point score as the changes that will be made will most likely affect you.

If you need me to re-send the email just let me know.