What a great night we had on Monday 13th January with all our travel images. Well done everyone.
And well done to Roy on his very informative judging. I know I learned a lot and now have a much better understanding of what is required for “Travel” images.

By now we should be getting our creative side into action in preparation for our February Competition. Our February competition night is on Monday 10th February.
Our digital uploads close on Saturday 1st February at 11pm and our print uploads close on Saturday 8th February at 11pm.

Please remember that we are able to enter 4 images in TOTAL.

Our set subject for February is “Creative”. Our definition in our program is as follows:
Let your inhibitions run wild. There are no real guidelines. Just be creative with your image. You may use Photoshop or other editing programs as much as you like, but all editing must be your own work.

At the end of this post are some samples of “Creative” images. Please keep in mind these are just samples, to whet your appetite, of the possible types of images that might be included.

I know we have some very talented “Creative” photographers in our club and I for one are really looking forward to seeing some fantastic creations.

Of course we also have our other usual categories of “Colour” & “Mono”.

Our Judge for February is Kim Evans. Below is a bit of information that Kim has supplied about his photography journey.
Born and bred in sunny Cessnock, I was the result of 3 generations of selective in-breeding in that area. In younger days I always liked good photos but wasn’t aware what made me like them until I was told “it’s all about the light quality”.  After that, I was always raving about nice light but didn’t even own a camera This all changed when Waltons advertised their Zenit EM Russian beast which even came with an extra 135mm lens. I took 2 films with this beast and then got a Pentax ME. A fabulous little beast which I took camping and then fell in a creek with it. Next came a Pentax ME super and then I got the medium format fad and bought an old Mamiya 645 and then went broke getting lenses for it.  Fantastic camera and the lenses were brilliantly sharp. At that stage, 1981, I started doing weddings and portraits and in 1982, I became a member of AIPP and was a member until 2012. In 1987 I was lent a Hasselblad to play with and became an instant addict.but God, their stuff was expensive.  During the career, I did a huge amount of wedding/portrait and also a lot of commercial and product work. My greatest love was always landscapes and I did a fair amount with 4×5 inch view camera. Before photography, I was a modern language teacher and after teaching I worked for many years in our family pharmacy and still work one day a week in a pharmacy to this day. I also spent eight years being a Hypnotherapist, but gave it up when photography got too busy.   I went fully digital in 2009 and intended to expand the business to the property we bought near Cooranbong but the place takes a lot of work to keep it pretty so I gradually stopped doing the photos.

Good luck to everyone and if anyone needs any more information you can email me on suewinsley@iinet.net.au or ring me on 0417677438

Cheers, Sue Winsley (Competition Steward).