As there will be several changes to be made to the Competition Rules and the Constitution to accommodate the new method of running competitions, as a result of the website, the Committee decided to put together a list of proposed changes to circulate amongst members for comment before finalising the changes by May for adoption at the AGM prior to the start of the new club year.

Wangi Workers Camera Club
Proposed changes to Club Documents
January 2016.
As there will be several changes to be made to the Competition Rules, and the Constitution, to accommodate the new method of running competitions as a result of the new web site, the Committee decided to put together a list of proposed changes to circulate amongst members for comment before finalising the changes by May for adoption at the AGM prior to the start of the new club year.
The following changes have been suggested to date.

Note: Changes are shown as – additions in bold type Italics – deletions in bold strike through – [comments in square brackets in italics]
Clause 1. (b) The competition is held in both print form and a rolling selection in EDI (Electronic Data Imaging) – entered via email, on disk or USB stick)
 Open Colour,
 Open Monochrome,
 Nature, both colour and monochrome
 Set Subject, which will include Nature and Environment.
Competitions will be held in both A & B grade except for the set subject categories in which A & B grade will be combined.
Clause 1. (d) Photo of the Year (POTY) in four (4) categories
 Open Colour
 Open Monochrome
 Nature
 Set Subject which will include Environment.

Club members enter interclub competitions, in particular the Northern Photographic Federation. In addition members are encouraged to enter photographic competitions run by other organisations.
Clause 2. (a) In each monthly competition a member may enter a maximum of two (2) images in each of the print sections and three (3) in the EDI section. Members may enter a total of three (3) images in any one month.
Clause 3.
The Competition Steward and officials of other competitions record the name of the member and title of the images. Records of all images entered will be kept on the club’s web site. Members should also keep records of images entered into the competitions, as it is their responsibility to avoid incorrect re-entry of an image. (There is a Personal Record Form available for this purpose on the club’s website).
 All image entries and a completed entry form to be handed to the Competition Steward as soon as practicable during the month before the competition and, at the very latest by 30 minutes before starting time of the judging on the night of the monthly competition. EDI entries shall be to the EDI master by 6 pm on the night prior to the competition.
 All entries are made via the club website – Entry is simply a matter of entering the title, and uploading the image file. For this site the file specifications are 1920 x 1200 pixels, 2Mb and must be JPG. The form will prevent files that don’t meet this criteria from being uploaded.
Entries can be added to, changed or deleted at any time up until the competition closes.
 Thumbnails for all entries are to be uploaded by the closing time, midnight two (2) nights before the competition judging ie Saturday night for a Monday night comp. Print entries are to be brought to the club and placed on the stand in the position shown on the sheet attached to the stand. Judging will commence 30 minutes prior to the advertised starting time of the competition presentation and all prints must be in place on the stands prior to this time.

  • 6. Scoring & Awards
    The judge shall give every image a score from 1 to 10. In addition the judge may award a number of awards, depending on the number of images submitted in the category. The Competition Steward may change the number of awards given on any competition night. The mix of the number of MERITS and CREDITS awarded is entirely at the discretion of the judge.
    7. Annual Point Score
    A Point Score is kept by the Competition Steward throughout the year (July to June) with points awarded on the following basis:-
  • The judges score (1 – 10) awarded to each image plus:
  • Members receive one (1) point for every HIGHLY COMMENDED Award.
  • Members receive three (3) points for every CREDIT award.
  • Members receive five (5) points for every MERIT award.
  • Members receive two (2) additional points for an image that is selected as a Judges Choice.
    [This is adopting the system used by Maitland, which is claimed to be a better indication of a member’s performance throughout the year. The alternative for Wangi is to maintain the status quo for our club. Another alternative is for the judge to award scores 1 to 5]
    9. Definitions
    Environment – Environment shall have three (3) subsections Flora, Fauna & Landscape. The definition shall be as per the definition for nature except that human elements may be present in the image, but not be dominant, and the story telling value of a photograph shall not be weighted more than the pictorial quality of the image.
    11. Grading
    “A” & “B” Grades – Initially each club member shall be graded “A” or “B” grade. The grading shall be done by the Competition Steward together with any two (2) members of the Competition Committee. The criteria used for grading shall be at the discretion of the persons doing the grading. A person graded “B” grade may elect to enter prints in “A” grade. However once nominated the member cannot revert to “B” grade without the approval of the management committee.  Grading shall remain in place for the club year and all “B” graders will be reviewed by the Competition Committee at the commencement of a new year. New members joining the club during the year will be graded by the competition stewards after a trial period of three months.
    The Management Committee may consist of nine (9) twelve (12) members and shall include:
    Office Bearers elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be:
    • President
    • Vice President (2)
    • Secretary
    Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
    • Treasurer (or alternatively a combined Secretary/Treasurer)
    • Competition Steward; and Assistant Competition Stewards (2)
    • EDI Competition Stewards (2)
    Office Bearers appointed by the Management Committee shall be:
    • Publicity Officer
    • Social Secretary
    Up to Four ordinary Committee members
    Web Master and assistants
    • Projectionist and assistants
    • Assistant Secretaries, Treasurers and Competition Stewards.

The Office Bearers and members of the Management Committees shall be proposed, seconded and elected at the Annual General Meeting held in July each year.

The duties of the Webmaster shall be:
(a) To maintain and manage the club website,
(b) To liaise with the website developer as to any updates or changes to the website.

The duties of the Projectionist shall be:
(a) To keep and maintain the club computer and associated equipment.
(b) To project all images onto the monitor on competition nights.
The committee is to be called the Management Committee of the Camera Club and shall consist twelve (12) nine (9) members and shall include all Office Bearers The President, the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Steward, Publicity Officer, Web Master and 2 others elected by the Annual general Meeting.
a) The Management Committee may from time to time appoint from among its number, or other members, such sub-committees as they consider necessary and may delegate to that sub-committee such powers and duties as the Committee may determine. All sub-committees shall periodically report their proceedings to the Committee and shall conduct their business in accordance with the Committee’s directions or delegations.
b) In addition to the Office Bearers, the Management Committee may appoint further members as it deems fit and allot to such persons such duties as the Committee may deem appropriate to prescribe.