Our club is based at the Wangi Workers Club at Wangi Wangi NSW

We meet at the Wangi Workers’ Club in the Dobell Room at 7.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month.

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Use the green About Us button for information on our club and what we do.


The 2nd Monday of the month is our competition night.

  • Our Competition Program is available from our website.
  • There are 3 grades, Advanced, A and B. B Grade is usually for beginner photographers.
  • We have photos presented both in print form as well as Digital (EDI) option. (EDI – Electronic Data Images)
  • Both Digital and Print contests require you to enter online on this website and include a digital copy of each entry. This will be displayed in an image gallery on the website
  •  All photographs are displayed and critiqued by the judge on the night. Most judges provide very beneficial feedback, from which we all learn
  • At the end of the year we run our “Photo of the Year”competition (POTY). The photos entered in this competition must be photographs that have been entered in competitions throughout the year.

The 4th Monday of the month is our tutorial night.

  • We have had many and varied tutorials and continue to do so every month.
  • Suggestions from members as to what tutorials they would like to have are very welcome.

Visitors are always welcome to come along however visitors cannot enter any competitions until they become a member of the club. Follow the link under About us for info on joining.

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August Tutorial – Matt board cutting and Print mounting

For the August tutorial on 27th I will be giving a demonstration on how to cut matt board for club competitions. I will be bring a matt board cutter and some sample matt board to practice with. If anyone has any matt board they want to cut please bring it along. If you bring some entry photos we will be able to mount them as well. Joy will bring along some standard matt board to sell for the club.

Ian English will be demonstrating his hinge system that makes it easier to keep using the same bit of matt board for multiple competitions




by David Whyte, August 6, 2018

FCC Interclub Competition

I will have more news on how to enter etc  and when to deliver your prints from Mon 6th August.  The Interclub is digital and prints.

Interclub 2018

Entries open Monday 06/08/2018
Entries close Friday 07/09/2018
Exhibition Sunday 21/10/2018
Host Club St George Photographic Society
Venue St George Leagues Club
124 Princes Hwy,
Beverley Park NSW 2217
Exhibition Opens 10.30am

by Dianne English, August 3, 2018

Heritage Bank Annual Photographic Comp.

Well done Bettina, good luck in the finals..
I’m hoping this will encourage more of our members to extend the exposure of their photographs beyond the club entries, this is a free competition each year and there is prize money !!
Dear Bettina,
I am pleased to advise that your image Misty Morning submitted into our 2018 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards Open category, has been selected as part of our Top 50 Images.  Your image will be displayed at our awards exhibition for public viewing from 18 September to 24 October 2018.
On behalf of Heritage Bank and our co-sponsors, Owen Camera House, The Chronicle and USQ Artsworx, please accept this Save the Date for the official winners’ announcement and opening of the 2018 Heritage Bank Photographic Awards Exhibition.

by Dianne English, August 3, 2018



This exhibition is being conducted by the Belmont 16s Photography Club. It has been approved by the Australian Photographic Society (APS).  

This is a digital image competition. All entries can be submitted on this website where you will find full details of the competition:


The sections of the competition are:



▪Nature (colour or mono)

▪Photo Travel (colour or mono)

▪Youth (colour or mono – for entrants who are 18 years old or younger on the closing date of the exhibition).

Entries close on 2nd September.

For further information you can email: info@lakemacquarienational.org 

or phone 0419 434311.

by Dianne English, August 3, 2018

Competition Calendar 2019 download

I have put the competition calendar in the club documentation section on the website in PDF format so you can easily down load it onto your PC



by David Whyte, August 2, 2018

Competition changes

For those who were at the AGM will be aware that we have made 2 substantial changes to the way the club runs competitions. The first is to do with the number and format of entries and the second is to do with the club grades. These new guidelines are now listed in the club documentation button under members on the website called comp rules July 2019. In summary the changes are:

Competition Entries

In order to provide additional options and encouragement for members there will be 6 sections made up of 3 categories (colour, mono, set subject)  and 2 formats (EDI, print) as follows for each competition night

  1. Open colour print
  2. Open colour EDI
  3. Open Mono print
  4. Open Mono EDI
  5. Set subject print
  6. Set subject EDI.

Members can submit a maximum of 3 images in total across the 6 sections, and a maximum of two images in one category. e.g. Colour print and colour EDI are one category and only two images can be submitted in total in this category. It could be two in colour print and none in colour EDI, or one in each of colour print and colour EDI, but it is not acceptable to submit two in colour print and one in colour EDI.  The deadline for the EDI categories will be one week earlier than print. Each of the 6 categories will be judged separately.

Club Grades

From next year there will be 3 grades Advance A, A and B grades. Entry to these three grades will be based on total point score in the previous year. A and B grades will continue to submit entries in A4. Advanced A grade will submit print entries on 40 x 50 cm matt board which is suitable for larger images such as A3 or 10” x15”. The intent is that these larger images can then be used external competitions without reprinting. This larger matt board does not exclude submitting images in A4. 

by David Whyte, August 1, 2018

Competition Calendar 2019

The camera club committee has produced the competition calendar for next year and it is available for viewing on the home page of our website. Another post will be broadcast explaining the new rules

by David Whyte, August 1, 2018

For those interested these were the images chosen from our Club to compete in the APS Cup


by Dianne English, July 29, 2018

Check our Facebook page for some new tutorial links


by Colleen Price, July 29, 2018


In case you are interested in purchasing a club shirt, Mono Unique Embroidery in Toronto is where we have been purchasing them and they have our logo. For those of you who are not aware the preferred colour for the club is the light blue but others have selected different colour as per personal choice. There is no hard and fast rule regarding colour but it is easier to spot other club members in a crowd if we have the same colour shirts. 

They also have available long sleeve versions but in less colour choices. David W has one and uses it for sun protection rather than extra warmth and the material it is made of is very cool to wear. Its ideal for club outings where we are out in the sun.

Mono Uniques Embroidery       4959 3021

Shop 6 163-165 Brighton Ave, Toronto NSW 2283



Toni Conquest





by Toni Conquest, July 27, 2018