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Vacancy, Tutorial Co-ordinator – potentially job share

Would you like to help out with our monthly tutorials?  Have brilliant ideas for interesting topics?  Know the right kind of photographers we could invite to share their knowledge?  WE NEED YOU!!!

After a long time filling our tutorial sessions with interesting topics, John Frost is stepping down as Tutorial Co-ordinator.  BIG THANKS JOHN FOR ALL YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS.

John is quite happy to continue to help with tutorials, but would like someone to take over co-ordination.  Better still would be a small team to share the work and make it easier for everyone. 

If you’re interested, or just want to learn more please contact John, Toni or Susan


Reminder. Newcastle National closing date 26 November 2018

Here’s a message from Phil Whiteman, Exhibition Chairman

Just a reminder that the Newcastle National is closing on November 26th.

This is an Australian Photographic Society accredited and is one of the longest running print competitions in Australia.

Judging will occur prior to the Christmas period with results distributed shortly thereafter.

However, the exhibition of prints will remain as part of the Newcastle Show – 1st, 2nd & 3rd March 2019.

  • A maximum of four (4) entries allowed in each category.
  • Entry Fees:
    • Colour Print Section – $10.00 per section plus return postage
    • Monochrome Print Section – $10.00 per section plus return postage
    • Nature Print Section – $10.00 per section plus return postage
    • Photo Travel Section – $10.00 per section plus return postage

Please do not delay in preparing and sending your entries in to ensure they arrive in time.

Kind regards

Phil Whiteman

Exhibition Chairman

Have you registered for our Lightroom Workshops in October?

Our Lightroom Workshops will be held on each Saturday in October, ie 6, 12, 19, 26, at the Wangi Workers Club, Dobell Room. The Club opens at 10 and we will start at 10.15 for a 2 hour session. John Sharples will be presenting an interactive program based on the course he has given at U3A.

If you haven’t already let Susan know you’ll be coming please email me or respond to this post by 1 October. We might have to limit numbers this time around.

Please bring a memory stick with you on the day. John will be providing some photos and notes that will be the basis of homework.

I’ll confirm everything by email a few days before the first session.

Hope we’ll see you there

Change of date for AGM, now 23 July

Our AGM is typically held on the tutorial night in June but since we have an excellent speaker on Landscape photography coming that night the Committee has agreed to move the AGM to the July tutorial night, ie 23 July.  We’ll be sending out the agenda, nomination forms, and items to discuss in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime, please think about nominating to join the Committee, and whether you would like to raise anything at the AGM.

More soon…

Topshot 2018 Exhibition and Award Presentation

Invitation to 2018 Topshot Exhibition

The Federation of Camera Clubs NSW Inc aka FCC would like to invite you to the Topshot Award Presentation and AGM is this coming Sunday, 27th May. It starts from 11 am with viewing of prints and digital. The official opening of the Topshot will start tentatively at 1.30 pm after the AGM and lunch.

We have invited a guest speaker from One of a Kind Adventure Photography – Timothy Poulton. He will be presenting an hour talk on Landscape Photography.

The program details is attached for this Sunday Exhibition. It is expected to end tentatively at 5 pm.

This year Topshot is proudly sponsored by Nikon, Epson, BenQ, Pixel Perfect, Momento Pro, NiSi, Adobe, Kayell and One of a Kind Adventure Photography

Our Guest Speaker for Topshot 2018 – Timothy Poulton


Timothy Poulton is an inspired landscape photographer from Sydney, Australia, with a big passion for the outdoors. His photographic heart beats for hunting down the very best light from the very best location. More often than not, this takes him up mountains before the break of dawn, or down a ski slope on my jacket-come-sled after the last vestiges of sunset are fading away. He is an adrenaline junkie for that moment where the sky is ablaze with the most magnificent colors and shapes, it is humbling knowing there is a force bigger than all of us combined. He always feel privileged to be alive, in good health and witnessing earth’s orchestra reaching the crescendo coupled with a light show like no other. The earth is jam-packed with experiences for humans, but very few left that are unadulterated by modern technology which seeks a permanent place within it all.