Our club is based at the Wangi Workers Club at Wangi Wangi NSW

We meet at the Wangi Workers’ Club in the Auditorium at 7.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. We also have a Portfolio Group meeting on 1st Monday of the month.

The club’s mission statement is:

“a shared enjoyment of the art and craft of photography in a learning environment”

Use the green About Us button for information on our club and what we do.

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The 2nd Monday of the month is our competition night.

  • Our Competition Program is available from our website.
  • There are 3 grades, Advanced, A and Open. Open Grade is usually for beginner photographers and for those members who just enjoy taking photographs without doing extensive editing.
  • We have photos presented both in print form as well as Digital (EDI) option. (EDI – Electronic Data Images)
  • Both Digital and Print contests require you to enter online on this website and include a digital copy of each entry. This will be displayed in an image gallery on the website
  •  All photographs are displayed and critiqued by the judge on the night. Most judges provide very beneficial feedback, from which we all learn
  • At the end of the year we run our “Photo of the Year”competition (POTY). The photos entered in this competition must be photographs that have been entered in competitions throughout the year.

The 4th Monday of the month is our tutorial night.

  • We have had many and varied tutorials and continue to do so every month.
  • Suggestions from members as to what tutorials they would like to have are very welcome.

The 1st Monday of the Month is a Portfolio group night

  • Members choose their own interest subject to collect 6-10 images on.
  • This is not for competition but to allow members to explore their own photography journey.

Visitors are always welcome to come along however visitors cannot enter any competitions until they become a member of the club. Follow the link under About us for info on joining.

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Tutorial Monday 22 Nov (on Zoom)

Last month Bill Chambers gave us a fascinating insight into the world of macro photography beyond 1:1 and if you missed it the recording will still be available for a few days.

This month Bill will talk to us about making images with soap bubbles (I haven’t seen Bill’s examples but I know the technique can produce incredible effects).

This will be followed by a presentation on making “Refract/Reflection” images (without a lens!) … Bill will also cover “Cleaning your Sensor” (since we are playing with cameras without a lens in place….

Bill is well known for experimenting with unusual photographic techniques so please join us for what should be another fascination exploration.

Zoom link will be sent on Sunday.

by Susan Hansell, November 17, 2021

Social walk and photo shoot, Tuesday 13 July

We’re planning an informal walk and photo shoot in Newcastle on Tuesday 13 July.  Central Newcastle is generally flat and has lots of places along the waterfront, with parks, heritage buildings and architecture, jetties, big/small boats, beach, rock platforms and ocean baths, even the odd dolphin or seal. And plenty of places for a coffee or lunch. Here are some ideas

Part of taking a great photo is planning for it and that takes more than just camera settings.  By all means bring your camera, but I’m thinking of using the walk as a scouting exercise to discover interesting places where I can come back later, and take my time when eg the light is best.  

And for those of you working on portfolios we can help sound out your ideas and keep an eye out for opportunities.  Bring your notebook.

If you’re interested please let Susan know and we’ll plan a route depending on what the group would like to achieve. We’ll aim to assemble at the car park at Nobby’s Beach (its free) at around 10am.

PS, I’m looking to do a portfolio based on long exposure techniques using neutral density filters so if that’s not a familiar technique and you would like to have a go, bring a spare SD card.

by Susan Hansell, July 4, 2021

WW Camera Club AGM

Just a reminder that our AGM has been postponed due to Covid restrictions and will now be held immediately before our July competition night on 12 July at 7pm. We are expecting it to be a short AGM.

We are hoping the AGM and comp night will be held at the club, but if restrictions are not eased by then we will arrange a Zoom meeting for both.

Here is the final Agenda

by Susan Hansell, July 4, 2021

Covid and our club meeting on Monday 28 June

We are carefully watching the Covid situation in Sydney. Colleen has confirmed that Wangi Workers Club will not allow anyone who has been to Sydney recently into the club building. There is also a suggestion that we could be in a full lockdown by the end of the week which may or may not affect the Hunter Region.

So this is a heads up that we might have to consider postponing the AGM and tutorial on Monday.

We will watch developments over the weekend and let you know IF we need to change plans.

by Susan Hansell, June 24, 2021

Maitland International Salon – Digital. Closing 30 June

A message from our friends in Maitland.

by Susan Hansell, June 8, 2021

WWCC 2021 AGM 28 June

This is our notice that the AGM will be held at 7pm in the Auditorium of Wangi Workers Club on Monday 28 June 2021. Here is the draft Agenda.

Please consider nominating for any of the Committee Roles, and especially Secretary and Treasurer. Here is the relevant form.

And please consider joining us early for dinner and a chat.

There are no matters affecting the constitution to raise with members and we expect the AGM itself to be quite short. It will be followed by an interactive tutorial on gaining a perspective on the subjectivity of judging, with Ian English and David Hansell.

Please call Susan Hansell if you wish to raise anything at the AGM.

by Susan Hansell, June 7, 2021

Photographic opportunity – Gouldian Finch count in the Kimberley

As you may know, Mike and Elisabeth Fidler have been key players in the Save the Gouldian Finch activities in the Kimberley for many years. Some other club members have also attended the count in recent years and come back with great stories.

Mike has just provided some information for this years count, so if you’re interested in a staycation with a difference in September take a look.

Information sheet. Booking form

The 2020/21 Wet Season in northern Australia has been a good one, or at least normal levels of rainfall. Conditions now are thus much better than the last three wet seasons which were well below average. Our count in September will reveal whether the Gouldians have been able to take advantage and have a bumper breeding season which should be happening right now.

by Susan Hansell, May 11, 2021

Exposure Triangle Tool

Here is a very useful tool that John Sharples has highlighted… take a look at how you can model the exposure triangle settings for your perfect image. Thanks John

Exposure Triangle tool (this will take you to the link on our web page so you know where to find it.)

by Susan Hansell, May 7, 2021

Important Meeting Monday – Logistics

Our special meeting will be held at the club, 7pm as usual. We are expecting some lively discussion and we want as many members as possible to join us in the Auditorium to have your say. There are some significant changes and you will have a vote on a number of topics.

Sound issues mean that this time Zoom needs to be restricted to small numbers. Only those Members who have sent in comments and who really can’t get to the club will be invited to attend by Zoom. I will contact you individually.

At this stage Wangi Workers will not allow members who have been to Sydney in the last 14 days into the club… no restrictions for those who have been to Central Coast.

There is still time to comment….. it’s your club!

by Susan Hansell, January 22, 2021

Please support Newcastle National – Print – Deadline 23 November

It’s easy to enter as Newcastle National as it is being managed by the same system we use for our club. Check the website for entry details https://newcastlenational.myphotoclub.com.au . The deadline is 23 November 2020, and if you can get your prints to Susan (in Fishing Point) by midday 18 November I will deliver them them to where they need to be, and organise pickup of all entries for Wangi after the exhibition.

by Susan Hansell, November 11, 2020