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2019 competition entries

Our application is now available to accept entries for January and February next year. At this stage only those 2 months will accept entries as Colin is in the process of doing major updates which will come into effect from March. Under the new guidelines EDI entries will close 9 days before the competition. Prints will still be the same which is the Saturday night before the comp night (2 days). This means EDIs for January need to be uploaded before 11pm on the 5th of January

This video shows how the new entry pages will operate in March   ://youtu.be/K-Mrgz1ZfJE

System outage

This is just some background information from Colin about the system outage. He has emphasized that there should be no missing photos but check your entries and if you have any issues send me an email and I will pass it on


From Colin

The website has two major components – the database and the files (images, documents uploaded etc).  The database was intact but the files needed restoring.   Both of these components are backed up to a dedicated cloud service every evening at 2 am.  Archival copies are also kept offline.The database is a record of every entry so I was able to determine who had entered an image after  3 am Sunday morning.  These were the only entries that needed to be uploaded again.   I have contacted all of these people affected and their entries are now reinstated. 

MyPhotoClub came back online at 5 pm for normal use, with the blanket message asking to check entries that were uploaded that day.   The restoration of all of the lost files was complicated by a project I have been working on to relocate all MyPhotoClub images to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

There are over 40,000 images stored, and a cloud-based storage solution like AWS allows MyPhotoClub to continue to grow.  Over the last few months, most of the images entered in competitions before 2018 have been copied to AWS and are being accessed from there.  A small number may not have transferred successfully.   Please let me know examples of missing links by email (not tickets) – do your best to include the link and details of the location of the entry.

Please assure your members that no images or information was lost – a ‘lost image’ icon does not mean the image is lost – merely not in the expected place.

A separate issue occurred on Wed, 8th August at 9:30 pm, causing the website hosting service, to shut access off for one hour.  This was caused by a user of the system adding comments (report cards) to several hundred images in a short period of time.  This was falsely identified as a SPAM attack.  A short investigation deduced that there was no threat and the site came back online.

In the three years since MyPhotoClub came online, these are the most significant system outages.  I hope this can reassure you that the system is professionally managed and protected.

Thank you for your patience and continued patronage”


August Tutorial – Matt board cutting and Print mounting

For the August tutorial on 27th I will be giving a demonstration on how to cut matt board for club competitions. I will be bring a matt board cutter and some sample matt board to practice with. If anyone has any matt board they want to cut please bring it along. If you bring some entry photos we will be able to mount them as well. Joy will bring along some standard matt board to sell for the club.

Ian English will be demonstrating his hinge system that makes it easier to keep using the same bit of matt board for multiple competitions




Competition changes

For those who were at the AGM will be aware that we have made 2 substantial changes to the way the club runs competitions. The first is to do with the number and format of entries and the second is to do with the club grades. These new guidelines are now listed in the club documentation button under members on the website called comp rules July 2019. In summary the changes are:

Competition Entries

In order to provide additional options and encouragement for members there will be 6 sections made up of 3 categories (colour, mono, set subject)  and 2 formats (EDI, print) as follows for each competition night

  1. Open colour print
  2. Open colour EDI
  3. Open Mono print
  4. Open Mono EDI
  5. Set subject print
  6. Set subject EDI.

Members can submit a maximum of 3 images in total across the 6 sections, and a maximum of two images in one category. e.g. Colour print and colour EDI are one category and only two images can be submitted in total in this category. It could be two in colour print and none in colour EDI, or one in each of colour print and colour EDI, but it is not acceptable to submit two in colour print and one in colour EDI.  The deadline for the EDI categories will be one week earlier than print. Each of the 6 categories will be judged separately.

Club Grades

From next year there will be 3 grades Advance A, A and B grades. Entry to these three grades will be based on total point score in the previous year. A and B grades will continue to submit entries in A4. Advanced A grade will submit print entries on 40 x 50 cm matt board which is suitable for larger images such as A3 or 10” x15”. The intent is that these larger images can then be used external competitions without reprinting. This larger matt board does not exclude submitting images in A4.