“We would like to invite WWCC to join us next Tuesday 20th July, 7pm for a Zoom presentation with Paul Tilley.

We had a session with Paul last year on motor sport photography. He has an interesting background and extensive experience as a photographer and is active in QLD with the Redlands group etc. Paul’s day job is a lecturer in a tertiary setting and his presentation last year was really well structured and balanced. He welcomes questions and discussion as he presents.

Paul’s focus for this presentation is his monochrome work.

Basically it will be a good opportunity to explore outside our local bubble!”

It is very generous of Maitland Camera Cub to invite us to their Zoom tutorial and I’m hoping mor ofour members will take advantage of this opportunity and join in. We only had 6 takers for last night invite but only 3 logged in.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Toni!