2021 seems so far away.. but we all know how fast time can fly.

Some of our members like to be very organised and start planning their entries a long way in advance, which is great to see, so it is time to start our planning.

There are 5 Set Subjects that we will have every year… these are:
* Creative
* Travel
* Nature
* Environment (Alternating between Landscape/Seascape and Flora) and
* Photo Journalism (This will be new for us in 2021)

That will leave us 5 other set subjects to choose from.
We still have a list of ideas that were presented last year and for our mystery subject that will be considered.
Now is the time to send us ideas of any set subjects that you would like to see included in our program for 2021.

How it works is that all members will put forward their ideas and these will be voted on by the committee. The 5 proposed set subjects with the most votes will be included in next year’s program.

Please send your ideas to me at suewinsley@iinet.net.au

I’ll look forward to hearing all your ideas.