We are looking at forming tutorial groups outside our usually Monday evening and may be using Adam Williams course as a starting point. At the moment the Essentials course is available for just $1 and a number of our members have found this course beneficial, so if you would like to participate, now is a great time to purchase this course (usually $149.00).

Welcome to the Easy Way Photography

My name is Adam Williams and I am the Professional Photographer and teacher behind EasyWayPhotography.com.au

I remember when I was at the beginning of my Landscape Photography Journey.

I purchased a decent point and shoot camera, before progressing onto my first DSLR camera. I was a maybe a year into my passion and I could capture a pretty good photo, however, my photos still lacked something, they just didn’t look as good as the photos produced by my photography idols.

Was it because they had better gear? Not so

Was it because they were getting better conditions? Nope

What I discovered, the reason they were constantly producing great photos, was that they had the editing skills to make every photo the very best it could possibly be.

Great Photos = 50% Capture + 50% Finish

Great Photos are a combination of two very important, yet very different skills.

Capture: The ability to correctly capture the photo with your camera. (Focus, exposure, etc)

Editing: The ability to make that photo the very best it can be, using programs like Adobe Lightroom & Adobe Photoshop.

Both skills are equally important in consistently producing great photos, let’s take a look at some examples of how a little editing skill can dramatically improve the impact of your photos!

Thanks again for signing up, I look forward to helping you to create better Landscape Photos!

Adam Williams

Oh, and of course if you feel like you can capture a pretty good photo, but your editing could do with a little help, why not sign up to EasyWayPhotography.com.au and in no time you will be getting the most out of every photo!

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